Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Fat Vegans Eat

It has been a month since I actually had time and energy to sit down and blog.  A month ago I was feeling so good.  Not so much now.  I had a horrible weekend as far as my digestive system which prompted to a desperate SOS call to my GI doctor.  I saw her on Thursday and I am now scheduled for upper and lower GI procedures in a few weeks.  Not looking forward to it but I hope it provides answers.

Several of my friends have embraced the plant based eating lifestyle lately and they are sharing delicious recipes and marveling in the success that the pounds are just falling off of them.  Me?  Not so much.  In the month since I last posted and last saw my GI doctor and last ate any animal products, I have lost one pound.  One.  Not two, not four, not  I do weigh myself everyday on my own scale and the numbers are different.  But I feel like the numbers at the doctor's office should be the official numbers.

I have enjoyed eating a plant based diet for the most part.  When I am home, I never feel frustrated about finding foods to eat.  Sometimes I find it to be a challenging game.  Of course I am also probably spending way too much money at Whole Foods.  I go in there for bananas and come out having spent $60.  And this could happen several times a week.  I need to fix that.

Tempeh, green beans, and brown rice with gluten free tamari.

Chips with salsa and guac in York Beach, Maine.

Cooking up a tofu, carrot, and green bean stir fry in gluten free tamari.

Tofu pups on gluten free bread with organic ketchup.  These critters have become my favorite food of late.  I can't get enough!

The package says it all.  Oh, yes I do!

Not a pretty picture but it is so delicious...honey (I know, honey is not vegan) sesame tofu with scallions, eggplant and mushrooms.

These are delicious.  I probably didn't need to buy a 12 pack of them.  Thankfully I don't binge eat them like Reese's peanut butter cups.

I blame my grandfather McCarthy for my love of olives.  I seriously can't get enough of any kind of olive.  I am not fussy!  Grandpa used to eat the regular green olives with the pimento in them.  He'd always start dinner with passing around the olive jar and saying "Would anybody like any olives?"  He was a strange bird!  I think I was the only one who ever ate any of grandpa's olives.

So much delicious food.  What could be the problem?!  The problem is I have IBS.  Yes, eating a plant based diet is helpful in some ways.  But I have to be extremely careful with what I eat and how much.  I am following low FODMAPS which is why there wasn't a lot of vegetable variation in the above pictures.  But I have also strayed, admittedly.  I started eating hummus again.  Way too much hummus.  My brain and my heart love hummus.  To the point where I could eat large tubs of hummus with a spoon.  My body, however, still doesn't love hummus.  There's an all out internal revolt when I eat too much hummus.

I manage okay at home.  I balance the "bad" with a steady diet of bananas and gluten free toast.  I make sure I don't eat anything that will cause the stomach churns or desperate runs to the bathroom while I am at work all day.  It can be depressing relying on bananas to function normally in society.  But I get it to work at home.

But last weekend we were away.  And while I did bring bags full of vegan and GI friendly food to stock my hotel room, it still turned into a desperate situation.  It could have been worse.  I could have been camping at the fife and drum muster field all weekend like my son was.  I know my body now and what it needs.  But I was too trusting and got a gluten free pizza with no cheese and veggies.  I'm wondering if the mushrooms were marinated.  That and a little bit of whiskey had me vomiting for 12 hours.

I hate this!

I almost gave up on the Vegan lifestyle.  I am not losing weight, my body is feeling worse than it was feeling a month ago, and I had an intense craving for eggs and salmon.  But I made it through yesterday with a clear head.  I decided I'll wait until after my procedures to see what the doctor says.

I dream of being that gaunt looking Vegan.  I envy my friends who have lost 10-20 pounds by eating Vegan in just a month's time.  But they started out skinny.  I feel like it might be easier.  When you are pushing 50 and you are starting out over 200 pounds, it's just not an easy road.  But I will keep trying!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Feeling good!

Other than the nasty baby germs I have picked up from school (I work fulltime as an Infant Teacher for those not in the know), I am feeling pretty good right now.  I might go out on a limb and even say great.  Physically other than this cough that has invaded my body, I feel healthy and energetic.  Maybe all the pain and discomfort I have been feeling for months was my body's way of saying "Hey!  You are eating the wrong foods!"

My GI doctor suggested I give up dairy, meat and stick to a low FODMAPS diet. 

 She said I should try an all plant based diet.  This was two months ago.  I go to see her today and I am actually pretty excited.  I haven't been strictly plant based until this week.  I felt like I needed to still eat eggs because my body couldn't tolerate beans.  Oh, things have changed since I last posted about longing to eat  hummus!

Just one of the many hummus containers I have conquered this week!

I really just needed some inspiration.  Someone I respected who could sit and talk with me about food for an hour.  A mutual friend of ours has been trying to get me to live a plant based life for months.  I always resisted with a list of excuses.  But finally hearing it from my doctor made it real.  Plants became my friend.

I've actually always aspired to be vegan.   I just could never quite do it.  It is a challenge eating both gluten free and vegan.  Especially going out to eat with friends and family.  And it's eye opening to discover how much crap is in our food these days.  Our vegetable side dishes are either covered with cheese or breaded and fried.  Why?!

Like I said, I have only really embraced the plant based approach this week.  Up until the other day I was still eating eggs and fish.  Lots of eggs!  I'm not sure if I will go back to that.  If I do, I won't beat myself up.  Right now I am plenty happy eating what I'm eating which includes lots of hummus!  I think I am making up for lost time!

Some pictures of my eats lately.  Again, not entirely vegan but a step in the right direction!

Salmon, brown rice and green beans at Legal Seafoods.

Gluten free Dairy free carrot cake with coconut icing for my mom's 80th birthday.  Paired with coconut milk ice cream.  Food orgasm!

Igo to Whole Foods several times a week now.  Often I leave with a container of golden sesame tofu.  I love that stuff!  Paired with some vegetarian California rolls.  That's a party on a Friday night for sure!

Salmon, baked potato, and carrots at the Bull Run restaurant.  I only just discovered this restaurant on the way back from doing a parade.  They were great about accommodating my food/allergy requests.  This restaurant uses food from local farms.  Nick had a grass fed burger which he said was the best burger he has ever eaten away from home.  And the ambiance could not be beat for us history lovers.  If I had more battery left on my phone, I would have taken pictures.

And lastly part of my lunch/2nd breakfast (my lunch break is at 9am because I start work at 6am) that I was so excited about yesterday:  soy yogurt, frozen bloobs that I had thawed and a nectarine.  I loooove nectarines!  I won't eat peaches because the fuzzy skin just causes me all sorts of issues.  But nectarines are like a gift from God!

I love that I am excited about my food these days.  And I love that I am feeling better.  Cleaning out my body has inspired me to get out and walk again.  Yea!  I honestly feel reborn.  It's a nice feeling.